Thursday, September 9, 2010

Vampire Diaries Premier

I know this is not usually the type of thing I post about, but I thought I would share anyway. I will start by telling a little back story of why I would post this in the first place. I was recommended by a friend to give the Twilight books a shot, and was sucked in by the vampire phenomenon that we are in right now. When I heard they were making a show called Vampire Diaries I was really excited. When I found out it was on CW I thought it might be a little cheesy, but was pleasantly surprised. They had their season 2 premier tonight, and it was great. If you are a fellow Twilight lover, you may want to check Vampire Diaries out. If you don't care anything about the vampire craze, that's ok. If you would rather watch it for the really hot guys in the show, that's fine. Truth be told, that's half the reason I watch it. Seriously, where do guys that look like that come from anyway?

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