Monday, August 2, 2010

Antique Domestic Sewing Machine

This may come as a surprise to some of my close friends and family, but I have recently found love for anything vintage. Like I really needed another addiction. The blame can be placed on my sister in law Ashley, who has all kinds of vintage finds on her blog While visiting a local antique store I saw many antique sewing machines and I had to have one. My husband later surprised me with one that was in really good condition. I have to admit, with my lack of antique knowledge I was not sure what the Domestic brand was. I immediately started my research. I knew the machine was old because it wasn't even electric, but I was thinking the 1940's. I was pleased to find out it could range anywhere between 1911 to 1926. We found a serial number but was not able to locate any records. I found the ISMACS site very helpful with the history of the Domestic Sewing Machine Company. They even had a manual that I was able to print off. I do need a couple of replacement parts. If anyone knows of a place to get them I would really appreciate it. I'm sure I will find more antiques to list. I like having a little history around, and of course once I start an addiction I see it through.

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  1. wow! how beautiful!!! i have a super old singer... but not that old! mine has an electrical cord but i don't dare plug it in for fear of burning down my equally old house! (it was sort-of garbage picked)
    love your blog! your tutorials are awesome!


  2. I love that sewing machine! And I am so glad you are loving antiques. We'll have to leave the kids with the guys one day and go antique-ing!

  3. As the name would suggest, the basic idea is to use sheer fabric where only the barest outline of the pattern appears on the surface and the crisscrossed threads underneath show through, thereby creating a "shadow" pattern. top rated sewing machines

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