Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Distressed canvas project

I found this distressed canvas project on, and had to try it. It was a project that my husband and I did together. It was really simple just time consuming. All you need is a canvas, gel medium, foam paint brush, credit card, spray bottle, and of course a blown up picture done with toner ink. I took my photos to Kinko's and they printed them out for me with toner ink for a $1.00 each. The big cost with this project is the Gel Medium, so I would wait until you have a coupon for Michael's or Hobby Lobby. If not the Gel Medium is about $13.00.

The first step:

Paint your canvas with gel medium. Spray the blown up picture and place it face down on canvas. Take a credit card and press out any bubbles you have. I started from the middle and worked my way out. Let it dry overnight.

Second step:

Spray the paper until you can see the picture completely. Very Slowly pull the paper off. Rub off as much of the remaining paper as you can. Some of the picture will come off so easy does it. Let it dry.

Third Step:

Spray the canvas to rub off more paper. I found that a damp sponge was helpful. You can repeat this process as many times as you want until it looks the way you want it. Just remember the more you rub the more the picture will come off.

Fourth Step:

Once your happy with your canvas you can finish by painting a last coat of gel medium or modge podge to seal it. It's really whatever you prefer. I had so much gel medium left I just used that and was happy with the results.

I hope everyone is as happy with their distressed canvas as I am.


  1. Yours turned out so well! I like how your distressing turned out too. Nice job.

  2. I just featured you. Thank you!



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