Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Fun Photo Session!

I took my first photography class back in August, and I've mostly been taking pictures of my hubby, and kiddos. After all, that was the whole reason I wanted to take the classes in the first place. After some practice with the camera and the editing programs, it has quickly become an obsession. I now see things driving down the road that would make a good photo, that I would have never noticed a few years ago. When my sister asked me to take some fall photos of her and her husband I jumped at the chance. We went to a small town that is a 20 minute drive from where we live. It's was a beautiful day, and a small town with lots of history. It made for great pictures. Of course, my sister is super cute, so my part was easy.

I mentioned above, the old town that we took the photos in. When we decided to take a quick ice cream break, we walked into the cutest little ice cream parlor. I felt like I walked back in time. Honestly, I have been to this town many time, but it's usually for a craft fair, so I have never really been into the little stores. I took some quick photos of the store. They are not the greatest, because of the size of the store, and the amount of people that was in there. I still thought they captured the charm of the old ice cream parlor. I definitely plan to go back to enjoy what the little town has to offer.

I had no idea that there were that many different kinds of Moon Pies. I guess that's what you can expect from a town that hosts a Moon Pie festival every year.

I loved this sign. It was posted on the door of the cafe. I'm sure you would only see this in the South.


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