Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Clutch Bag

A while ago I made a cowl neck scarf from and old sweater that I had lying around, which you can see here. When I came across the remains of the sweater, while cleaning my messy craft space, I really wanted to do something with it. I decided with a little work it could make a really cute clutch bag. I will apologize in advance that I really don't have any measurements for this project. I kind of just went with it, and it happened to work out. I love it when that happens.

I started by cutting the sleeves of the sweater off. This will be the outside of your clutch bag.

For the lining, I used a chocolate brown flannel. This is where I don't have any measurements. I simply laid the sweater on the flannel and cut around. What can I say, these are nap time projects, and you have to be quick. You will do this for both sleeve pieces. 

Next, you will put one piece of flannel down. Place your sweater pieces on that piece of flannel, right sides together. Now place your last piece of flannel on top. Basically, your sweater pieces are sandwiched between the flannel. Pin the sides and bottom, then sew about 1/2" in. Leave the top open. I made, what were the wrists of the sweater, the top of my bag. 

Now it's time to turn the bag right side out. I folded the flannel at the top of the bag under, and pinned. I also centered the ribbon, that will close my bag, and pinned. You will now sew all around the top of your bag, to connect your flannel, and secure your ribbon. 

I used a chunky button, and hand sewed it on. You can use your machine for this, it's just quicker for me to hand sew.

The little flower that I put on there, I got from a tutorial from I am momma hear me roar.  I did mine a little different, but it's where the idea came from. It's the perfect size bag for my phone, keys, and wallet. It will be perfect for date night, when I don't have to carry my diaper bag. It's the first clutch bag that I've ever had, so lets hope I don't leave it.

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  1. That looks great and I love those quick and easy projects. I picked up a few old sweaters today at the thrift store with no idea what to do with them, now I know! Thank you!

  2. Love ur Awesome creation! Especially on Recycled project! Great work! :))



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