Monday, October 4, 2010

Vintage Sewing Machine Attachments

A few months ago I posted about my first antique purchase. It was a Domestic treadle sewing machine, which you can see here. The machine needs to be oiled, but could still work great. I have been looking at attachments on ebay and other sites, but have not made any purchases. My mom went to an estate sale over the weekend and found some attachments that the lady was selling for $1.00. The lady told my mom they were her grandmothers and she had no need for them. It came in a tin case, and is missing some pieces, but I love them. I am guilty of not knowing what all the parts did, so immediately did some research. The Greist MFG Co was the manufacturer, and has been making sewing attachments since the late 1800's.

I know the one on the right is a tuck marker. I'm not sure if the one on the left is also, because it is a little smaller. They do look very similar. If anyone knows for sure let me know.

I believe these are hemmer feet. I am missing some and the part to connect them to my machine. I have found lots of other sets like this one on ebay, some even with manuals. I think I may finally invest in one to have all the parts.

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